Miss Earth Belarus 2017 replaces lost phone with a gift from an anonymous Filipino supporter

MANILA | POLLI CANNABIS, currently competing at the Miss Earth 2017 Pageant slated to happen this November in Manila, Philippines, lost her phone to thieves in a mall the other week. Despite of that, Polli’s enjoyment of her time in the Philippines and in the Miss Earth 2017 Pageant didn’t lose track, in fact, she became more appreciative of the country she is in at the moment with all the love and support she has been getting so far since the incident.

Recently, an anonymous Filipino fan gifted Miss Belarus a smart phone, not as a replacement for the lost phone but more of an appreciation for the beauty queen for the kind words she has been giving towards the Filipinos and the country even after she experienced the unfortunate incident.

“A small incident like that will not tarnish the appreciation I have for the Philippines,” Polli said. “In every country, the same thing happens, still it is nothing compared to the warmth of all the filipinos who have shown their support and love not just for me but all the other candidates.”

Yes, Miss Belarus lost a phone, but she gained the support of millions of Filipinos! Mabuhay, Polli!





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