Yes, it’s him! Meet Josh Barfuss


You’ve seen his face as he awards bouquets of flowers to our 2018 Binibining Pilipinas Queens and Awardees. Blame his looks, his smile, his charm, and back to his looks, for making the viewers and the netizens took notice, helping propel posts about the recent coronation to viral level of popularity.



Curious as to who this hottie is? We went ahead and did some research on this swoon-worthy model! And, yes, you’re very much welcome.

Guys and gals, meet Josh Barfuss a.k.a. Joschicopter.


The 26-year-old German-Thai hunk came to the Philippines for modeling jobs. And for sure you’d remember the one where two women/transgenders fought over his heart on “Wanda” commercial. Yes, the commercial about good coverage of a paint, and we can’t blame them! Josh has got that sexy bod and impressive fashion sense goin’! And this short stint of his in the Philippines became longer. We believe he has more than one reason to stay here for good now. One of these is Binibining Pilipinas 2018 candidate no. 35 Sandra Lemonon. Yes, the “Build, Build, Build” Candidate is the apple of josh’s eyes! Sorry guys he is taken, but who says we can’t feast our eyes on his enticing gorgeousness he posted himself on his Instagram account?




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