2nd Manhunt International Title for the Philippines!

Makati, Philippines | Newly-sashed Manhunt Philippines 2018 Jeff Langan has been modeling for some time, but always looks fresh-faced and handsome with his beaming smile and perfect physique. The 25 year old native of Cerritos, California started his modeling career as a child. “My mom got me started on my first commercial for Long Beach Memorial Hospital when I was a baby,” Jeff explained. He later took a break when the family moved to Las Vegas, where Jeff graduated high school. Upon turning 18, Jeff returned to LA and has since stuck with modeling. He’s been taking acting classes recently and hopes to book a TV series or motion picture. 

The 6’1” tall model says the highlight of his career was traveling to Thailand for three months, and then spending three additional months working in the Philippines. “It was so surreal,” he stated, “to leave the country and go somewhere not knowing how things worked nor anyone there. It was basically a fresh start but I loved every moment of it.”

In his personal time, Jeff enjoys going to the beach and surfing in Southern California. He loves to go hiking and breathe in the fresh air.   Jeff also finds pleasure in gym time and cooking, which allows him to control what his body intakes nutritionally. He loves to inspire other people with fitness.

Jeff will he competing this coming December 2, 2018 in Gold Coast, Australia representing the Philippines at the 2018 Manhunt International Competition. At first glance, Jeff gives us the winner vibe, and we know that he will be able to replicate the success of June Macasaet in that competition and be the Philippines’ 2nd Manhunt International Winner. Why do we believe this to be so? Just look at these photos by Adam Washington and Dookie Ducay and you will also be a believer! 


HELP JEFF WIN MANHUNT BY VOTING FOR HIM HERE: https://www.facebook.com/253742254726891/posts/1587211514713285/



To keep up with Jeff Langan, check him out at:  

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/jeff_langan/

To see more work by Adam Washington:

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/adamjwash/

Website:  http://adamwphotography6.wixsite.com/photography

Twitter: https://twitter.com/adamjwash

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