Miss Universe 2019 Pageant might not be in Asia!

TPP NEWS | A third player has entered the Bidding Game for the Hosting of the 2019 Miss Universe Pageant, and it is not in the same continent as the other two!

As exploratory talks with the Philippine Tourism Department begin for the 4th Hosting of the country for the most prestigious beauty pageant, with the idea of the reigning queen Catriona Gray turning over her crown right on our shores, LCS President Luis Chavit Singson’s Friends in South Korea have to level up their interests as a more suitable player is entering the race. And the Miss Universe Organization might like this 3rd player better than the two!


Reigning Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray during the Miss Universe Organization’s courtesy call to the Philippine Department of Tourism

Recently elected by UNESCO, the city of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) is going to be the World Capital of Architecture for 2020. This initiative is part of a recent partnership between UNESCO and the International Union of Architects (UIA) and allows the designated city to host the triennial UIA World Congress. 

Under the theme “All the worlds. Just one world,” Rio de Janeiro is expected to hold a series of events throughout 2019 and 2020 in anticipation for this world congress, and one of these events might be the 68th Miss Universe Pageant.


Will Christ The Redeemer also Welcome the Miss Universe 2019 Pageant in Rio De Janeiro?

In an interview, Professor João Baptista Ferreira de Mello, coordinator of Roteiros Geográficos do Rio, said that hosting the biggest beauty pageant is only natural for Rio who has been the home of world class events such as the triennial UIA World Congress and the 31st Summer Olympics wayback in August 2016. Answering questions about funding, Professor Baptista said that the money will not come from the government or the taxes


Professor João Baptista Ferreira de Mello, coordinator of  Roteiros Geográficos do Rio

“Our city is used to holding world class events, and having the Miss Universe here is going to add to that prestige! And we can afford to do that,” Professor Baptista said in an interview

“And having the pageant here would be a great showcase for Brazilian music and culture, what more with the Parade of Nations happening to the beat of the samba! Plus our Miss Universe Brazil 2019 JULIA HORTA (Minas Gerais) is going to be a great host and example of a true Brazilian beauty!”

Miss Universe Brazil 2019 JULIA HORTA (Minas Gerais)

So, the race for the 2019 Miss Universe Pageant has just become more interesting. Where do you think will Catriona turn over her crown?

Where would you prefer it to be? Will it be more fun in the Philippines? Will it be Imagine Your Korea? Or will it be Brazil Sensational?

— TPP News International Team




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