Yves Campos’ Comeback: The Journey to Mister Tourism & Culture Universe 2019

Quezon City, PHILIPPINES (August 2019) – Exuding with charisma and passion, the 26 years old Cebuano Yves Campos is now ready to take his turn to compete for the Miss and Mister Tourism & Culture Universe 2019 this coming August 22-31, 2019 in Yangon, Myanmar.


A new set of contenders are ready to compete for the crown of the second edition of this international pageant.  Yves Campos has been chosen to represent the Philippines after winning Misters of Filipinas – Supranational last 2017, and his advocacy towards youth education made him perfect for this competition.

Yves believes that by joining these pageants he is able to encourage and remind the youth that everyone is capable of doing greater things if they only believe in the power of education.  Through this international platform, Yves wants to promote Philippines local culture and attraction to inspire people to work and develop ways for the betterment of the future (education) of the youth.


Yves is already able to live his dreams and make a name for himself and he currently works as a registered nurse in Las Vegas.  Today he continues to gear himself for this competition by maintaining the right diet and doing a lot of CrossFit or boot camp training to develop his physique.


His supporters gave him an intimate send-off party last August 16 to wish him well and good luck as he ventures off to another journey representing the Philippines.

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