The Last Miss Universe Philippines?

Are we seeing the last Miss Universe Philippines Under BPCI? 

One day to go before the 2018 Bb. Pilipinas Pageant and pageant fans all over the world, the universe rather, might be seeing the last Miss Universe Philippines under the Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc.

The 7 year old title might be the last time that the organizers of the biggest national pageant in the Philippines will hand out under their mettle, and the Pageantry Universe will be shaken to its core!

This is if the forces who have been trying to take the franchise away from the 54-Year hold of BPCI’s Stella Marquez de Araneta become successful this 2018.

Former Miss Colombia, Stella Araneta who became a Miss Universe semi-finalist and the winner of the first Miss International beauty pageant in 1960, is the chairperson of Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated (BPCI) which has been the official national franchise holder of the Miss Universe Organization since 1964 after it was passed on by its predecessor, Miss Philippines, which has been the franchise holder from 1952 to 1963. BPCI has produced 3 Misses Universe (1969, 1973, 2015), 5 Misses International (1970, 1978, 2005, 2013, 2016), 1 Miss Supranational (2013), 1 Miss Globe (2015) and many other minor international titles.


55th Year for Stella Araneta’s Bb. Pilipinas Pageant

With the history and achievements of BPCI, is it time for new captains of the Miss Universe Philippines Ship to take over? Or will BPCI evolve and make their hold to the MU Franchise stronger?

Let us detail and present the issue at hand in these following scenarios:

1. When Miss Universe Organization held their 2016 Miss Universe Pageant in the Philippines, reports of a take-over surfaced;


The Final 6 Candidates of the Miss Universe 2016 Pageant held at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City, Philippines

2. The MU Franchise Coup’d etat  was hushed out but details point to a certain Camp that ingratiated itself to a government office and the MUO itself;


Will the Miss Universe Franchise in the Philippines change hands this 2018?

3. The take over was unsuccessful and BPCI became aware of the veiled intention of this group;

4. The Group still went to pursue their intention of getting the MU Franchise for themselves. In the 2017 edition of the Miss Universe, this group went to Las Vegas in full-force, bringing with them a prominent figure in Philippine Pageantry.


Miss Universe Japan Momoko Abe wows the crowd at the Miss Universe 2017 National Costume Presentation, Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

5. This prominent figure serves as the New Applicant for the Philippine Franchise of Miss Universe.

6. This Pageantry figure has the backings of a rich politician (who can actually buy the whole Miss Universe Organization and pageant for him/herself), and has shown great management skills and has proven her/himself on the Pageantry world. This is reported to be being considered by MUO and IMG;


One of the financial backers is this rich politician

7. The dealings are hush-hush, however a prominent MUO official is set to arrive in the Philippines soon (or has arrived).

8. Is the arrival of the official to inform BPCI they lost the franchise? Or is it to continue a facade until a final decision has been made?

These are scenarios. Whether or not these are factual, we cannot confirm but only Time can tell.


Miss Universe 2016 Finalist Maxine Medina crowns her successor Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Rachel Peters. Is Rachel the last Bb. Pilipinas Queen ever to represent the Philippines in the Miss Universe Pageant?


Wil the crowned BBP-MUP 2018 represent the Philippines in the 2018 Miss Universe Pageant?        Binibining Pilipinas 2018 Miss Universe Philippines Frontrunners (L-R): Karen Gallman, Vickie Rushton, Aya Abesamis, Eva Patalinjug, and Catriona Gray.

So we will just leave this other scenario: Is Rachel Peters the last BBP-Miss Universe Philippines? Will the crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2018 this coming Binibining Pilipinas 2018 Pageant on Sunday, March 18, 2018, get to represent the Philippines in Miss Universe 2018?

We will find out… soon!


Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Rachel Peters on the Miss Universe 2017 Stage: Is she the last from Bb. Pilipinas?

Note: All telltale signs were omitted to shroud the identities of the persons involved. Clues are omitted.



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